Model Trams in the Garden

Here are some photographs of a recent running day on a members garden tramway.  The layout is sadly no longer in place.

Intensive rush hour service?
Bath. Luton, Liverpool and Sunderland Cars

Less intensive service?
Bath and Blackpool Box Car

Southampton 12 and Sunderland 10

This 1 in 12 incline makes driving tricky. It also taxes the cars, with some realistic sounds while they climb.

Another rush hour! Southampton, Cardiff Water Car, Leicester and Liverpool Cars

What better way to spend a summer Sunday afternoon?

Luton Car

Bath Car

The beauty of modelling in 3/4inch (1/16) scale, is the detail that can be included in a model, as can be seen in this close up of the Bath Electric Tramways car. A  1/16 plan for this type of car is available in Peter Hammond's book. Parts to assist 3/4 inch modellers can be obtained from the TLRS Model Engineering secretary and also Model Tramway Systems.

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  Last updated: 12/03/2006