Lochee Car Truck

The Lochee cars were mounted on E.M.B. swivel-axle trucks with a wheelbase of 8ft 6ins. The wheels were 27 in in diameter. The braking equipment was of Electro-Mechanical-Brake Company's design using both Hand wheel and track shoes. These can be operated either by hand or power (air and magnetic). The electrical equipment was of English Electric design, each car being fitted with two 60 h.p. high-speed , light-weight, ventilated-type motors, fitted with Skefko ball and roller bearings.

The beautiful model truck was made for me by Leo Taylor.


This is a side view of the EMB 8ft 6in truck. The floor under frame is made from hard wood, following the notes in Peter Hammond's book. 
This shows the underside of the truck and floor. 
Platform Bearers and Bumper

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