A 3/4 inch Dundee Lochee Car Under-Construction

Follow the construction of a Dundee Lochee Car in 3/4 inch scale. This may take some time, but you can follow progress here. It is reckoned to take 800 hours to construct a model in this scale. However, it is a very satisfying scale to model a tramcar in. Patience is required, just take your time,  help is available. Plans can be obtained from Terry Russell and the TLRS, parts can also be obtained from the TLRS and Model Tramway System . Look in the Tramway Modelling On-Line Reference, under UK manufacturers.


Here is a picture of the tramcar when new in Dundee. It was one of a batch of ten built by Brush Electrical Engineering Co. Ltd. in 1930 to a specification of the Dundee Transport Department. The principle dimensions were as follows:-

Length over corner pillars 18ft 6ins
Length over platforms 30ft 5ins
Length over fenders 31ft 6ins
Maximum Width 7ft 2ins
When they were delivered the cars had trolley poles, but they were converted to bow collectors within a few years of arriving.

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