Lochee Car Lower Saloon Framing

The lower saloon of the car was timber framed with panelling. The sides are made from hardwood and panelled with 1/16 plywood. There is no tumble-home, but there are a lot of windows. The half-lights are fitted with clear Perspex, and the main windows are fitted with picture glass cut to size. A trying experience!

I found some photographs of early construction. This shows the under-frame made up with the bearers attached. The bearers are pieces of L-shaped metal cut to shape. The lines on the top of the frame are the L-shaped 10BA threaded bolts to hold the truck and bearers. These are cut into the frame so they are flush with the surface.
The lower saloon side frame before clad with plywood on the inside.

One of the lower-saloon sides. Again it is made from hardwood sections. The other side is complete, with mouldings and stained stained light-oak, ready to be fixed to the lower saloon floor.
This is one of the lower-saloon doors and on the right is one of the lower-saloon bulkheads.

The doors now have handles and rubbing strip made from Nickel Silver.


The framing for the bulkheads is shown here. Hardwood is the material of choice.

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  Last updated: 21st November 2004